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PostSubject: Hectic/Person   Hectic/Person I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 06, 2009 5:07 am

Well hectic...If you didn't know and i am a staff here...

Staff MEMBER and well..

ask me for any help i will be glad to help

just dont pm me

ill cut's not nice. But seriously don't...

well i don't know what im saying
so have fun with the site
be active
look at that bird
did you just fart?

And so on.

And yeah Smile

i love you all and ill talk to you soon Very Happy

Terms and Conditions : I do not love you and think of you in anyway like that. Please do not be affended. i don't know why im posting this but i like to make random long posts of nothing onto this forum. So to summon me press 11390475398475903720940972390742309741208365347895610893465108934658934759837459073145974. Or simply check if im online Smile

well thanks
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