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 Getting ctf themes on your PSP!

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PostSubject: Getting ctf themes on your PSP!   Getting ctf themes on your PSP! I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 15, 2009 10:57 am

Hi! this is my first tutorial for placing CTF theme's on your PSP!

hope it helps out Very Happy

Before i get going make sure you have CFW (custom firmware)
and have a version of cxbm on your psp if you dont have this heres a very good guide by vp10120 at psperspective on how to get it
Also you will need WinRAR just download it from the internet its free and secure.

now thats out of the way ill explain

Step1:Find a theme you like make sure that the format is CTF find one you like on google lol .

Step2:After downloading the theme connect your PSP to the computer.

Step3:after this open your PSP folder in the root of your memorystick (The root is the box that opens when you go to your removable disk drive).

Step4:Now open the folder named THEME if you dont have this folder then create one.

Step5:Go to the folder were you saved your theme now double click the WinRAR file now extract the CTF theme file to your disk drive were the PSP is e.g. X:\PSP\THEME

Step6:Now thats done dissconnect your PSP from the computer and enter recovery mode on your PSP (you can do this by holding R and turning your PSP on make sure you hold R the whole time until the menu appears) now your in recovery mode go down to plugins press X then a menu will appear saying cxbm.prx (disabled) go to this and press X then it should enable it and it will say cxbm.prx (enabled).

Step7:Now your practically done all you need to do now is go to settings and go to theme settings and change the theme it should appear in the change theme menu within theme settings Note:after selecting to apply the theme the PSP will do an auto reboot and the theme will be applied also many themes change your game boots sounds and icons and backgrounds.

I hoped this helped you people struggling with themes.

thanks for reading
--admin and owner

Revan07 Administrator and owner of gamerville.
Getting ctf themes on your PSP! Ubd62610
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Getting ctf themes on your PSP!
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