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 Morrowind (PC)

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PostSubject: Morrowind (PC)   Morrowind (PC) I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 13, 2009 10:43 am

Weapon Codes

In the middle of play press the '' ~ '' key to get to the console window. For cheats that affect your character, type: "player->" followed by any of the codes from the list below. To alter the amount you gain, enter a number after the code.
Cheat Effect
additem katana_bluebrand_unique Katana Bluebrand
additem katana_goldbrand_unique Katana Goldbrand
additem glass_dagger_enamor Glass Dagger Enamor
additem misc_soulgem_azura Misc. Soulgem Azura
additem dwe_jinksword_curse_unique DWE Jinksword Curse
additem banhammer_unique Banhammer
additem Azura_star_unique Azura Star
additem bonebiter_bow_unique Bonebiter Bow
additem longsword_umbra_unique Longsword Umbra
additem dagger_fang_unique Dagger Fang
additem daedric_scourge_unique Daedric Scource
additem daedric_club_tgdc Daedric Club
additem ebony_bow_auriel Ebony Bow
additem ebony_staff_tges Ebony Staff
additem ebony_dagger_mehrunes Ebony Dagger
additem magic_bolt Magic Bolt
additem spark_bolt Spark Bolt
additem shard_bolt Shard Bolt
additem flame_bolt Flame Bolt
Cheat codes

In the middle of play press the '' ~ '' key to get to the console window. For cheats that affect your character, type: "player->" followed by any of the codes from the list below.
Cheat Effect
additem gold_001 {number} Gold Boost
createmaps {''filename.esp''} Create Map image file for Xbox
setflying 1 Flight Mode
sethealth {number} Health
setwaterbreathing 1 Infinate Underwater Breathing
setfatigue {number} Max Fatigue Level
setmagicka {number} Max Magic Level
setlevel {number} Player Level
setsuperjump 1 Super Jumping
setwaterwalking 1 Walk on water
coc ''ken's test hole'' Will teleport you to an otherwise inaccessbile room with some very valuable weapons in it.
help List of console cheats included in the game
COC ''Name Of City'' Travel To Cities Instantly (Example: COC ''Balmora'')
setx ''y'' Raise skills/attributes (Example: player->setillusion ''99'' )
FillJournal Add all entries to journal (takes a long time )
FillMap Show all the towns on the full map
ToggleGodMode Toggles god mode
ToggleAI Toggle for AI
ToggleFogOfWar Turn fog of war on or off
COC ''ToddTest'' Go to an otherwise inaccessible debug room with chests containing every single item in the game
coc ''Clutter Warehouse - Everything Must Go!'' This will teleport you to a secret trading area that you cannot access otherwise. Save before entering.
ra Send all NPC's and monsters back to their starting location. This can solve many problems such as a Stilt strider operater falling off his platform or a monster blocking a door and keeping it from opening.
TFH Give you a lot of extra information about an item when you put the pointer over it.
TGM Toggles god mode on/off
COC ''Mark's Vampire Test Cell'' Go to a room w/2 vampires and a bed
TKS keep track of all the kills you make
COC "Character Stuff Wonderland" Transports you to Character Stuff Wonderland, which has all armor and weapons in the game. Guarded by several monsters, so be careful!
Enablelevelupmenu Enables the level up menu
Daedric Weapons Cheats

Here's how to get any Daedric weapon in the game without having to trudge through a bunch of nasty dungeons.

Open up the console by pressing ~ (tilde key) and enter the following for each weapon (must be exact), then hit Enter:

player -> AddItem ''daedric club'' 1
player -> AddItem ''daedric arrow'' 1
player -> AddItem ''daedric_crescent_unique'' 1
player -> AddItem ''daedric battle axe'' 1
player -> AddItem ''daedric dagger'' 1
player -> AddItem ''daedric claymore'' 1
player -> AddItem ''daedric dagger_mtas'' 1
player -> AddItem ''daedric dagger_soultrap'' 1
player -> AddItem ''daedric dai-katana'' 1
player -> AddItem ''daedric long bow'' 1
player -> AddItem ''daedric staff'' 1
player -> AddItem ''daedric warhammer'' 1
player -> AddItem ''daedric war axe'' 1
player -> AddItem ''daedric mace'' 1
player -> AddItem ''daedric longsword'' 1
player -> AddItem ''daedric tanto'' 1
player -> AddItem ''daedric warhammer_ttgd'' 1
player -> AddItem ''daedric katana'' 1
player -> AddItem ''daedric dart'' 1
player -> AddItem ''daedric spear'' 1
player -> AddItem ''daedric_scourge_unique'' 1
player -> AddItem ''daedric shortsword'' 1
player -> AddItem ''daedric wakizashi'' 1
player -> AddItem ''daedric wakizashi_ttgd'' 1
Console Code For the Package for Caius Cosades.

Open the Console by using the ''~'' key
Cheat Effect
player->additem bk_a1_1_caiuspackage 1 Places the Package for Caius Cosades in your inventory
Unlock Anything

First push ~ to enter the console window. Then type in the code below
Cheat Effect
player->additem skeleton_key "1" Will add the skeleton key to your inventory. You can unlock ANY thing with it.
Get more information on items!

Open the console (press the ~ key)
Cheat Effect
TFH Give you a lot of extra information about an item when you put the pointer over it.
Secret Master's Equipment Cheat Codes

Console codes. Open the Console by pressing the Tilde key (the key above the TAB key and left of the 1 key), then enter a code, pressing the Enter key, after each line.
Cheat Effect
Player->AddItem "pick_secretmaster" 1 Secret Master's Lockpick
Player->AddItem "probe_secretmaster" 1 Secret Master's Probe
Player->AddItem "repair_secretmaster_01" 1 Sirollus Saccus' Hammer
Player->AddItem "apparatus_sm_mortar_01" 1 SecretMaster's Mortar and Pestle
Player->AddItem "apparatus_sm_alembic_01" 1 SecretMaster's Alembic
Player->AddItem "apparatus_sm_calcinator_01" 1 SecretMaster's Calcinator
Player->AddItem "apparatus_sm_retort_01" 1 SecretMaster's Retort
Vampirism for dummies

Press ~ during gameplay to access the console, then enter the following. WARNING: You will not receive the first dream sequence unless you enter the code while you sleep.
Cheat Effect
StartScript "vampire_quarra_PC" Turns your character into a Quarra Clan vampire
StartScript "vampire_berne_PC" Turns your character into a Berne Clan vampire
StartScript "vampire_aundae_PC" Turns you character into a Aundae Clan vampire
startscript "vampire_cure_pc" Cures vampirism
Change Disposition

Press the tilde (~) key to open the console, and then type the codes in.
Cheat Effect
setdisposition 100 Makes the targeted NPC love you.
setdisposition 0 Makes the targeted NPC hate you.
player->setreputation 255 Makes you really famous.
player->setreputation 0 Makes you not famous.
setpccrimelevel 0 remove bounty on your head (no longer breaking the law)
Immunity To Diseases
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Morrowind (PC)
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