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 PSP Reaches an astonishing 50 Million Sales!

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PostSubject: PSP Reaches an astonishing 50 Million Sales!   Tue Feb 24, 2009 4:33 pm

Many of you PSP owners do not realise the lifetime of the Sony PSP. It has been over four years since Sony hit the stores with this portable entertainment. The well known PlayStation Portable was first launched in Japan of 2004, and has spread all throughout the globe. The Sony PSP has reached a "sell-in" level of 50 million units, accompanied by over 200 million software units. The PSP has outsold the Nintendo 64 (33 million), the Xbox 360 (29 million) and the PS3 (27 million).

The company added that it has sold approximately 200 million games for the system since its launch, and that the PSP library now boasts over 2000 titles. These figures include re-issued downloads of PSOne titles as well as UMDs. Many of these purchases have been made over the new PSP Store, introduced in 2008. These figures would give the PSP a respectable worldwide software attach rate of 4:1. This level of software attachment is good, but not great. By contrast, the NPD group estimates the Xbox 360 has an attach rate of 7.5:1, while the Wii is at 5.3:1.

Now that Sony has proven itself capable of creating a top-selling hand held game system, it needs to put some effort into motivating software developers to create popular titles for the system. On the other hand, these sales suggest that software companies should be flocking to the PSP already.

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PSP Reaches an astonishing 50 Million Sales!
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