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 Wii outsells ALL!!

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PostSubject: Wii outsells ALL!!   Sat Jan 17, 2009 6:29 am

some of you will be like affraid
and some of you will be like cheers
or maybe just maybe u'll be like this pirat from an accident with the wii maybe lol
but i found a news article that shows the wii isnt doing that bad on the shelves articles below

CAN IT Bii? xD get it Bii Razz
------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Nintendo Wii is gaming simplicity at its finest. It needs no complicated finger maneuvers and little in the way of a learning curve. Those who cringe at the sight of a 15 button console controller have breathed a sigh of relief at the relatively simplistic Wii controllers (the Nunchuk and Wiimote), which use far fewer buttons and rely mostly on human movement to control the game.

Additional benefits include a decent workout and increased activity, something PS3 and X-Box simply don't offer. In fact, Nintendo Wii has been credited as being a progressive step forward compared to the atrophy-inducing game consoles from the days of old.

The arrival of the Wii hasn't been without its growing pains. Soon after its release, horror stories emerged that the nunchuk would become the very weapon it emulated - flying off wrists and straight into TV sets, windows, and other expensive objects.

Yet a quick response recall from Nintendo and minimal concerns of whacking the family cat with a solid plastic Nunchuk appear to have subsided and helped spur the Wii's growth - not to mention a $250 price tag. In a report published by the NPD Group, an organization that collects statistics on the behavior of the American landscape, found that the Nintendo Wii outsold its closest competitors, PS3 and X-Box, in January of 2007.

"According to the independent NPD Group," a Nintendo press release reads, "Wii sold through 435,503 systems to customers in its January reporting period. By comparison, that's 70 percent higher than any other new video game system in its first January of availability during the last 10 years."

According to ItWire, XBox sold only 294,000 units, while the PS3 sold 244,000 units. Oddly enough, the much older PS2 outsold its younger brother with 300,000 units. Nintendo readily admits its success is only limited by demand outpacing supply.

"The only limit on Nintendo's success is the availability of Wii and DS systems, which continue to sell out as fast as Nintendo can ship them. Shipments are being made continuously to feed the huge demand around the country."

thanks for reading

--admin and owner

some of this was pretty boring but maybe u guys liked it Sleep

Revan07 Administrator and owner of gamerville.
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PostSubject: Wii   Wed Feb 04, 2009 10:46 am

we all knew the Wii was doing so well but the question is why. Well i personally hate the Wii but its a family console. If i was a parent and my 8 year old child asked me to get him a PS3 with Metal Gear Solid 4, i would be like hell no, your too young to be playing that . But if he asked for a Wii with Mario Kart i could not refuse but to buy it him. The Wii=rubbish for hardcore gamers but a handful of fun for the part timers lol!
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Wii outsells ALL!!
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