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 Get any youtube video on your PSP without wi-fi !

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PostSubject: Get any youtube video on your PSP without wi-fi !   Thu Jan 15, 2009 10:44 am

This is a quick tutorial on how to put any youtube video on you PSP.

Any firmware and the will to keep reading. lol!


Step1:go to youtube and find a video you want on your PSP and copy the url on the right hand side of the webpage.

Step2:Now open this link to this online video convertor.

Step3:paste the url you copied from youtube to the box saying convert video directly from various portals after this you then click next and your PSP will only accept MP4 format videos so chose MP4 then click next and skip the next part so hit next again then your video will start to upload to the site after a short time a download button will show you can then click the button and download your video.

Step4:Now connect your PSP to the computer and in the Root of your memorystick you should have a folder named Video if not create one after you have downloaded your video and connected your PSP open the video folder and copy and paste your video to your video folder in your PSP.

Step5:now disconnect your PSP and go to your video section and there you go your video will be there.

Thanks for reading feel free to leave feedback more tutorials to come.

--admin and owner

Revan07 Administrator and owner of gamerville.
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Get any youtube video on your PSP without wi-fi !
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