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 New --> Staff Mod posistions up for grabs read for details!

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PostSubject: New --> Staff Mod posistions up for grabs read for details!   Wed Jan 07, 2009 9:48 am

Hi is a new and upcoming website dedicated to you the users and to correctly run the website smoothly we need moderators we currently have 3 moderator positions moderator positions come with special permissions you get to be in charge of a forum which forum will be chosen by the admin also the things you get to do to that particular forum are delete posts that are inappropriate or simply move them to the correct forum we want a reliable and active user to give these special staff positions to so we have set up a competition open until all moderator positions are taken competition stated below


To win this competition you must grab the admins attention which is me revan07 the things im looking for are

-an active user
-posts regularly
-isnt rude and is a good person to get along with
-are grateful for just a mod position and dont nag me for pomotions
-a user willing to help the forum as much as they can
-a user who has brought members to the site and got them to register

so good luck user's for those of you who get chosen congratulations for those of you who dont then post as much as possable as when you get to 100 post's you get a rank called V.I.P member and when you get 200 posts you get the Golden Member rank so as i said earlyer good luck users !

Revan07 Administrator and owner of gamerville.
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New --> Staff Mod posistions up for grabs read for details!
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